How Hotel Carpets Are Cleaned


How do hotels – and other traveller’s accommodations, for that matter, clean their carpets?


Carpets and rugs tend to be ubiquitous in hotels. You’ll find them in any space that is frequented by a high volume of guests. This includes most restaurants and the lobby, along with any designated waiting areas or cafes. Back in the old days, they’d even be in every room.


There’s a good reason for this. Carpets muffle sound, so guests coming and going at all hours don’t disturb other guests. There are different ways to soundproof a hotel, but carpeting is the classiest.


Of course, all that foot traffic leaves dirt and grime. With that in mind, we return to our starting question. How do places like hotels get their carpets cleaned?


The obvious answer is that they have cleaning staff in-house. The more prominent hotels certainly do.


There are advantages to having your internal carpet cleaning team. There’s less unknown personnel walking around the hotel. You know they will keep your standards of cleanliness. They also likely double as general cleaning staff when the carpets don’t need cleaning.


It’s not like every layer of comforting fibre in the hotel needs cleaning every 24 hours. Do a good enough job, and you’ll only need spot cleaning for stains and recurring maintenance.


What about smaller hotels? For that matter, what about other traveller’s accommodations, like short-stay apartments?


Most of those probably call professional carpet cleaners Perth. There are reasons for this.


First, they probably don’t have the budget to have a sizable cleaning staff on-hand. They have to have a few people dedicated to keeping the place clean, but not a lot. Which means there probably aren’t too many of them that can do double duty and do thorough carpet cleaning regularly.


The second factor is size. There might not be enough hotel carpeting to make having on-staff cleaners worth it.


Consider a relatively small-sized hotel. Maybe a few dozen rooms, a small restaurant or bar. Not a lot of guests, but enough to keep it afloat even through the leaner months. Probably not big enough to keep a dedicated carpet maintenance team on retainer.


It’s more practical just to have the number of a professional team handy. Calling these people regularly may seem costly, but it’s cheaper for the upkeep.


Of course, these are just generalisations. There are going to be big hotels that contract specific maintenance tasks out. There will also be small ones that take pride in doing all their work internally.