Best Nature Spots in WA

Western Australia is home to a significant number of natural wonders. From the coastline to islands, plant life to animals, there is a great deal of natural beauty to enjoy. This can be problematic, because you may not have an idea what should come first!

Well, here’s some spots to get you started. They are the ones you don’t want to miss.

A universal favourite is Penguin Island. About 45 minutes away from Perth, this place is one of the most famous in Perth.

The penguins in the area are the main reason. They’re adorable, and visitors can get up close and personal to feed them. Most of the time, the creatures are shy. Arriving during feeding time is the best chance to see these adorable animals.

There’s more wildlife in the area, too. The islands around it are home to dolphins, seabirds, pelicans, and other species. There are reefs underwater, along with plenty of sea lions and stingrays.

Karijini National Park is also an excellent option, one with two billion years’ worth of beauty.

Filled with beautiful natural attractions, some of the best hiking trails in the area, and ancient gorges, there is so much to see. Crystal rock pools and waterfalls are also in the mix. If you’re looking to see some of the great natural beauties of Western Australia, this park is a great spot.

Some of our personal favourites are the tunnels of marbled rock and some of the ancient chasms that dot the park grounds. For people who prefer more of a view, you won’t find a shortage of lookouts and walk trails so you can see everything the landscape has to offer.

Finally, if you want to see what a lunar landscape is like, try the Pinnacles.

Unique and breathtaking, the Pinnacles have thousands of limestone spires. They rise out of a yellow sand desert in Nambung National Park, not far from Cervantes. If you’re coming from Perth, that’s about a two-hour drive.

It feels like an entirely different world, with a landscape that has a few similarities to the moon. You can take a slow, scenic drive or have someone else do the driving. You can focus on taking pictures as the coach handles the navigation.